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Инструкция по эксплуатации harman kardon avr 245 на русском языке

To view the on-screen displays, make certain you have made a connection from the Video Monitor Out jack B on the rear panel to the composite or S-Video input of your TV or projector. Figure 31 HDMI Output Step Seven Insert Batteries in Remote The AVR 245 remote control uses three AAA batteries, which are included. The AVRs Auto Polling feature allows you to avoid losing the audio feed when this happens by permitting both analog and digital connections to the same source on the AVR. Placement of the surround speakers depends on the number of speakers in your system. At this point, press the Set Button F and select the SPEAKER SIZE menu Figure 9. Thank you for choosing Harman Kardon... Pressing this button when the tuner is in use will select between the AM and FM bands. If you have any questions about the voltage requirements for your specific model, or about the line voltage in your area, contact your dealer before plugging the unit into a wall outlet. Each time you wish to use the codes for any component, you will need to first press the Selector button for that component. Enter the steps for the macro sequence by pressing the button for the actual command step. We recommend that you always carefully read the information that is displayed on your screen at the time of the installation of one or more programs suggested by Better Installer. REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS The AVR 245 remote is capable of controlling 11 devices, including the AVR itself and an iPod docked in the optional The Bridge accessory. Macro Programming Macros enable you to easily repeat frequently used combinations of commands with the press of a single button on the AVRs remote control. Average Rating: Ioda 2:46pm on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 Just good good things: sound quality is very good, amp exterior, connections bad things: I never feel the fan working. If the AVR is in the Standby mode, it will also turn the AVR on. Ideally, this guided you in selecting the video connections for your sources. The two conductors are usually differentiated in some way, by using different colors, or stripes, or even by adding a ridge to the insulation. The volume is displayed as a negative number of decibels dB below the 0dB reference point, and may be changed in 0. The Bridge is an optional dock that may be used with a compatible iPod not included. The Program Indicator 2 will flash green twice to confirm each button press as you enter commands. The Logic 7 C or Cinema mode should be used with any source that contains Dolby Surround or similar matrix encoding. See Figures 40 and 41. Figure 3 — Subwoofer Connecting Source Devices to the AVR The AVR 245 is designed to process audio and video input signals, playing back the audio and displaying the video on a television or moni- tor connected to the AVR. Note that depending on the type of input, some modes are not always available. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

When the speaker configuration is set for 6.

Harman kardon 3480 инструкция. Handle the AC Power Cord Gently When disconnecting the power cord from an AC outlet, always pull the plug, never pull the cord. If you do not wish to save the packaging materials, please note that the carton and other sections of the shipping protection are recyclable. Turning On the AVR 245 Gently press the Master Power Switch until the word OFF is no longer visible. Depending on the number of speakers in use and the selection made in the SURROUND SELECT menu, the 5. ADVANCED FUNCTIONS Manual Setup The AVR 245 is flexibly designed to be used with almost any loud- speakers available. Speaker cables contain two wire conductors, or leads, inside plastic insulation. S-video, or separate video, transmits the chrominance and luminance components using separate wires contained within a single cable. Note: Youll need the products serial number. To start the EzSet+ test process, you must first tell the system how many speakers are in your system.

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Proprietary formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS may not be recorded using the digital audio connections, although if the source is connected to the AVR using the analog audio connections, an analog recording may be made.
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This is recommended for devices that have no power switch or a mechanical power switch that may be left in the ON position.

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